Abu Dhabi. AL Raha Beach.

Teams in the field

A network of branches and subsidiaries spread across some fifty countries, all of which have specific operational resources that deal with the normal day to day requirements of their clients. These local establishments are supervised by geographical divisions generally based at head office.

A team dedicated to major international projects

International Business Division benefits from the proximity and support of the Technical Department and other Group departments. It studies and performs “commando” projects in areas not covered by the Group’s permanent overseas branches.

High-level technical support in the service of everyone

The Group’s Technical Department is manned by experts whose experience covers all geotechnical, foundation, ground engineering and civil engineering processes. These experts travel widely in supporting the Group’s activities. Our Technical Department also includes the Central Design Office, Laboratory, R&D Department, and also our Information System. It is responsible for managing and coordinating technical development within the Group and intervenes to assist on projects, during their design, tendering, mobilisation and performance phases. Technical issues are thus treated to the same level of quality and of reactivity regardless of where the project is located in the world.

All the operational resources of the Group are available to everyone

Secondment of supervisory and engineering site personnel and allocation of the key specialist plant is coordinated and managed at Group level. This enables resources, best adapted in terms of quality and quantity, to be mobilised rapidly as required by individual projects. The Major Projects Department and the Plant Department are responsible for ensuring that these resources are compatible with requirements arising from anywhere in the Group.