Our roots

Soletanche Bachy is a main contractor specialised in geotechnical and civil engineering.
Initially injection specialists, we have mastered the full range of geotechnical engineering processes, special foundations, underground works, ground improvement and pollution treatment and control. We serve a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors: central and local governments, industrial, general building and civil engineering contractors, property developers, project promoters, etc.

Initially a subcontractor, we are now happy to be the main contractor or partner. Thus, we help our customers resolve their ground problems and build their foundations and underground structures.

The art of foundation building is as old as the world itself, but its scientific expression, geotechnics, dates only from the 1920s. Soletanche and Bachy founded respectively in 1947 and 1927, were the pioneers of this new discipline, and have in only three generations perfected most of the innovations that have revolutionized soil technologies. Their merger in 1997 consolidated their leadership in the sector: after several decades of self-financed expansion, Soletanche Bachy has achieved revenue of 1.4 billion euros, 75% of which abroad, with 8000 employees in over 40 countries.

We select from among some 60,000 projects successfully completed: the sealing and repair of large dams; protective walls for nuclear power plants; the tunnels of most of the metros in major cities; the deepest foundations for the highest towers in Asia, Europe and the Middle-East; restoration of historical monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Grand Palais in Paris, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and Saint Pancras Railway Station in London; the most ambitious maritime structures, such as Port 2000 in Le Havre, the Dubai Palms and Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi; as well as a multitude of small sites demonstrating the ability of our operators, technicians and engineers to serve a local clientele. This solid base of references and professional experience provides our current teams with the obligation and the motivation to perform even better in the future. Joining the Vinci Group, the world leader of construction and concessions, in 2007, perpetuates our shareholding, while preserving our commercial independence and our development strategy in civil engineering technologies.

Our motto “BUILD ON US” expresses our company spirit; which is both dynamic and based on common sense: safety of people, reliability of our products, soundness of structures, technical excellence and innovation. This is our long-term vision of sustainable growth.