Sustainable development

Continuous improvement

Over the past years we made further progress in our ongoing effort to enhance safety and reduce environmental impact in France and abroad.

Following the dual OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications awarded in 2009 to Soletanche Bachy (including the Montereau equipment depot) and its specialised subsidiaries such as Bessac, we continued our endeavours to enhance safety and reduce our environmental impact in France and abroad. For example, our British subsidiary Bachy Soletanche Ltd, which is ISO 14000:2004 certified and has an HS(G)65 Guideline compliant accident prevention and safety management system, added its Westpile and Simplex subsidiaries to its certification scope. Bachy Soletanche Ltd also adopted an ambitious sustainable development programme, which was kicked off in 2008 with a special external review (the “Sustainability Review”) by the RPS consultancy. All the RPS conclusions and recommendations were taken on board in an action plan overseen by a Sustainable Development Committee reporting directly to General Management. The Soletanche Freyssinet holding company also appointed a Sustainable Development project manager in 2009 to support this action taken at company level.

Controlling the environmental impact of our sites
Action taken on French worksites to control environmental impact has concentrated on priority issues: pollution control, chemicals storage and waste sorting with the rollout and application of the Tribox system. Internal audits were carried out on the worksites to monitor compliance with the measures introduced. All new in-house training courses offered by the company now also include an environmental section.

Research and development , eco -design
We embarked on the development of a multi-criteria environmental analysis tool that will enable us to assess the environmental properties and impacts of construction solutions from the design stage onward. This approach builds on a longstanding Soletanche Bachy research and development tradition aimed at improving the quality of our processes and products and reducing their environmental impact, with a special focus on:
- reducing our consumption of raw materials and generation of excavated materials,
- reducing noise and worksite duration and visibility, - managing sludges and excavated materials through the widespread use of such processes as Geomix, Trenchmix and Springsol.

Coping with our customers ’ environmental issues
As part of its move into environmental business lines, Soletanche Bachy is steadily expanding its offering, developing the processes and expertise needed to solve our customers’ existing environmental problems (soil remediation, waste treatment, environmental monitoring, geothermal energy). These solutions are provided by our specialised subsidiaries such as Sol Environment, SolData and MCCF.

Accident prevention and safety
The company’s commitment to accident prevention continues with our ongoing effort to reinforce our worksite accident prevention culture, including the creation of a dedicated in-house blog, special audiovisual tools and a video in which employees talk about accidents they experienced. We have begun disseminating the accident prevention – safety tools throughout the company, translating them into several languages, and we are continuing this effort. The in-depth programme is supplemented by specific action taken within the international subsidiaries. Examples are the “Homesafe” campaign carried out by Bachy Soletanche Ltd, which aims to change behaviour both inside and outside the workplace.