The solutions devised by our experts are based on a proven capacity to perform them and carry them out in practice. The design of structures that interact with the ground requires a particular approach in which theory and practice must be balanced by sound experience.

The Soletanche Bachy Group has, over many years, developed a very high research capacity (125 engineers are dedicated to this occupation), and have an acknowledged excellence which results from a combination of the following elements:
- an “open minded” culture,
- a strong design network,
- systematic work in multidisciplinary teams,
- permanent contact with our work sites,
- a system of shared databases,
- the varied and professional competence of our engineers, of different origins and trainings, who specialise in complementary disciplines,
- internal development and maintenance, of our many design software systems specific to soil structure interaction and interfaces.

Gas terminal at Zeebrugge, Belgium.
The three-dimensional analysis of the potential for buckling of the diaphragm wall allowed the use of an alternative in which the 39.5m deep wall thickness was reduced to 1200mm from the 1500mm shown on the tender drawings and the need for an 800mm lining eliminated.