Innovation awards

TDM. Innovation Award 2013.

21 prizes awarded by the French Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics (FNTP) to Soletanche Bachy.

2018 - Hyperb’Assist

2016 - Hydrofraise® with grippers

2015 - Biocalcis®
Soil consolidation by biocalcification.

2013 - Tunnel Dismantling Machine

2013 - CIT'EASY®
An innovative method for diaphragm walling in urban sites.

Soil mixing with a reduiced impact on existing structures.

2009 - PROCCOPE®
Main sewers cleaning process that combines a cleaner and a mucker operate continuously.

2007 - GEOMIX®
No concrete and less rubble with the use of native soil as building material.

2005 - T.Pile®
Enhacement of pile performance by threading.

2003 - JETPLUS
Threefold increase of energy efficiency of the jet grouting process with associated geophysical monitoring.

2003 - ROLL & ROCK
Self-levelling, railless muck wagon.

2001 - PIBOP
Deep underground storm water storage tanks.