Specialised subsidiaries

Soletanche Bachy has a number of specialist subsidiaries that exploit in-depth knowledge of particular technologies or market sectors.

Some subsidiaries are involved in Soletanche Bachy's core business – geotechnical work – in tunnels, piles, borehole drilling, marine and river projects and soil improvement. Others work in related markets, such as the environment, with treatment of polluted land testing of soils and man-made constructions by continuous measurements and geophysical investigations, along with the design and construction of specialist equipment for building foundations. All the subsidiaries benefit from the experience and expertise of the Group and its substantial research and development arm.

Balineau, marine and river works & special foundations.
Specialises in port, estuarine and river construction, including the installation of sheet piles and ground improvement by vertical drain systems.

Bessac, tunnelling equipment designers, manufacturers and contractors.
A specialist in tunnels for water, stormwater and sewerage and other services. CSM Bessac is both a general contractor for tunnel construction and a designer and manufacturer of tunnel boring machines.

MCCF, at the crossroads of special foundations and trenchless technology.
MCCF specialises in the construction of special foundations, drilling, grouting, structural underpinning, trenchless construction and geothermics

Soletanche Bachy Pieux, deep foundations: piling.
Company specialising in the construction of piles of all types and in retaining structures for building and civil works. A specialist in design and application of all soil improvement techniques: notably rigid inclusions, soil mixing, dynamic compaction and Trenchmix® process.

Soletanche Bachy Tunnels, constructs tunnels of large section by all type of processes.
A specialist in large tunnels, this company combines the total expertise of the Group: underground excavation, lining, all associated geotechnical works.

Soldata, detection and monitoring solutions.
Soldata provides risk management services to the largest construction sites and to the key parties involved in the management of infrastructures and natural risks. "Soldata" is short for "solution" and "data":
- Data because real-time detection and monitoring are the main tools to assess and manage risks while optimizing costs,
- Solution
because our measurements can be complemented by an in-depth study, analysis or even the project management and supervision of rehabilitation works.
Soldata has the triple QSE certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.
Its technical subsidiaries Soldata Geophysic and Soldata Acoustic are respectively specialised in applied geophysics and noise and vibration management.

Soldata Geophysic, quality in applied geophysics.
Soldata Geophysic provides geotechnical services applied to the fields of construction, transport infrastructures and energy.
Certified ISO 9001 in 2012 and with a team of 20 specialists, Soldata Geophysic is growing in France and abroad within the Soldata group, bringing the complementarity of its specialities to detection and monitoring solutions.


Soldata Acoustic, noise and vibration management
Other Soldata group subsidiary, Soldata Acoustic specialises in environmental noise management in the fields of land planning, work sites, cities, energy and industry.
Certified MASE and ISO 9001, Soldata Acoustic provides a wide range of services: assessment of noise-related risks, modelling, solutions engineering, monitoring and decision making support.

Sol Environment, protecting underground water and rehabilitating contaminated sites.
A specialist in underground water protection and contaminated sites remediation.

Sol Expert International : geotechnical studies, design of underground structures, technical assistance.
An engineering and technical assistance company specialising in applied geotechnics.


Sotem, a guaranteed maintenance of the underground railway.
A company specialising in grouting and sealing methods, developed particularly for the maintenance of the Paris Metro System infrastructure.

TEC System, plant & equipment design, manufacturing, maintenance and repairs, sales and service.
A designer and manufacturer of foundation equipment under the brands Domine, Bonne Espérance and SBC. TEC system also provides after-sales service for these brands and distributes spare parts for various types of equipment.