Human Resources

Shared diversity

Necessary and attactive mobility
The diversity that characterises Soletanche Bachy teams echoes the variety of roles that the Group offers its personnel. This is an aspect that implies mobility for everyone: this means travelling to work abroad, but also creates opportunities of rapid career progression and regular changes of post. Moreover there are many alternative career paths between activities and these create further opportunities for personal development.

Progress by training
Training was stepped up in 2009, with a 30% increase in the number of activities. Threefourths of the training courses were devised and implemented in-house. The programme enables us to transfer competencies relating to our specialised techniques. Several new courses for all categories of personnel were added to the catalogue of training programmes on offer. To track and control any discrimination, the company changed a number of indicators and procedures in accordance with recommendations made by VIGEO following its diversity audit in 2008. The proportion of women in the workforce is specially tracked; it has now reached 29% among young engineers under the age of 30.

Competence and shared diversity
The wealth of Soletanche Bachy lies in the diversity of its personnel and the various nationalities that make up our Group, in the diversity of competence and activities, in the diversity of experience and cultures. The Group today encompasses sixty nationalities, among which there are strong contingents of French, Anglo-Saxons, Hispanics, Chinese and Central Europeans. Inter-mixing of experience from all our activities and at all levels is widely encouraged and expatriation between countries contributes to this. Sol├ętanche Bachy actively promotes diversity and wishes to offer equal opportunities guarantees, especially in terms of gender equality.

The charter, the group's living memory
During its history, Soletanche Bachy has developed its own set of ethics. The Group has translated this into a statement of professional practices laid down in a Charter which particularly lays emphasis on:
- respect for the client and anticipation of his requirements,
- time management,
- safety goal = zero accidents,
- team spirit and the duty to inform management of any problems
- technical and commercial rigour.