R & D

Sewage collectors cleaning system

Technical creativity: our tradition as a leader.

Creator of a wide range of processes and plant that have become worldwide references, Soletanche Bachy places innovation at the very heart of its development.

Today, this capacity for innovation allows our company to offer competitive solutions in a global market.

Improvement of performances and protection of the environment: two inextricable linked goals
- Our research is undertaken principally in three fields: processes, plant, materials.
- Our research is targeted on multiple goals: performance in the field, safety, quality, productivity and sustainable development, decreased use of natural resources.

Managing innovation internally and in partnership: cross fertilization
- Soletanche Bachy’s research and development programme is driven by a team of experts who are all in daily contact with the practical realities of their specialty. This team organises an internal network of specialists from the Group across the world and this creates an extremely fertile environment for development of new ideas. Our R&D external partners are fundamental research laboratories and universities. Soletanche Bachy organises major research programmes within the European Union and in countries where its main subsidiaries are based.

Recognised research
The Group manages a portfolio of 525 patents and files each year some 35 patents in Europe and internationally. It devotes over 2% if its turnover to technical innovation. The results of our R&D and of the ideas arising from the inventiveness of our specialists throughout the world are recognised, regularly, by the Soletanche Bachy’s Innovation Prize. Some of these innovative ideas are also recognised by the profession at large. Soletanche Bachy has won 19 FNTP Innovation Awards from the Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics in France, in its last 19 sessions; these have been won in competition against the largest construction groups in the world and their best specialists.