Compaction grouting

Compaction grouting is a process used for improving the engineering characteristics of a soil, through the high-pressure injection of stiff mortar through cased boreholes.

The grouting is usually carried out bottom-up, in successive stages of about 1 m. As the mortar is pumped in, it displaces and densifies the surrounding soil. The degree of compaction depends on soil characteristics and on the chosen grid pattern.


Condamine breakwater

Work : MARITIME WORK | Year : 2001 | Location : MONACO

Consolidation of foundation soil under caisson.


General Lázaro Cárdenas Refinery - Minatitlan

Work : PLATFORMS | Year : 2005-2007 | Location : MEXICO

Soil improvement and deep foundations works for the construction of an oil refinery.


la Duchère tunnel - Lyons Northern Ring Road

Work : ROAD STRUCTURES,TUNNELS | Year : 1995 | Location : FRANCE

Consolidating a collapsed tunnel via compaction grouting from the surface and horizontal jet while progressing.


Voyage au coeur de l'ingénierie de pointe

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