Argentina. Yacireta dam.

Argentina. Yacireta dam.

The sealing and stability of dams generally requires substantial grouting, sealing and drainage works. The techniques of boring, injection and drilling, which are the original activities of Soletanche Bachy, are now complemented by other procedures, including diaphragm cut offs, either in concrete, plastic concrete or slurry, and jet grouted cutoffs.

Soletanche Bachy’s activity in this field remains substantial on all the continents, both for new work and for rehabilitation and reinforcement works, particularly where raising of height of dams is required.


Salanfe Dam.

Work : DAMS | Year : 1992 - 1994 | Location : SWITZERLAND

Grouting works on a deep cut-off curtain in rock.


Turkwel dam

Work : DAMS | Year : 1991 | Location : KENYA

The Turkwell Gorge Hydroelectric Project (grout curtain cut-off and drainage) consists mainly of a double-curvature arch dam, 7 km of water tunnels, an access galleries and an underground power house.


McCook reservoir - Phase 1

Work : DAMS | Year : 2006-2008 | Location : UNITED STATES

Construction of a grout curtain using computer controlled injection.


Piedra del Aguila Dam

Work : DAMS | Year : 1988-1992 | Location : ARGENTINA

Impervious grout curtain into a fossil valley. Piedra del Aguila Dam. Alicopa Hydroelectric Complex. Argentina


Teesta dam

Work : DAMS | Year : 2002-2003 | Location : INDIA

Constructing watertight cutoffs using jet grouting and grouting.


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