Cleansing of sewage collectors

Cleansing of sewage collectors

Through his subsidiary Sol Environment, Soletanche Bachy provides solutions to various pollution problems: stabilisation of waste, rehabilitation and treatment of polluted sites, cleaning of discharge to required environmental control levels, construction of waste storage facilities, protection of the water table.

The development of a solution for all such sites requires that regulations, physical and chemical conditions, and the hydraulic and geotechnical characteristics of each site are taken into account.



Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2002 | Location : BELGIUM

Treatment of groundwater, polluted by chlorinated solvents, by permeable reactive barrier utilising the Keops Process.


Thann Ochsenfeld

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : | Location : FRANCE

Protection of hydraulic resources in the plain of Alsace by confinment of an industrial spoil heap.


Cleansing of the SAR upstream outfall

Work : ENVIRONMENT,SEWERAGE | Year : 2008 | Location : FRANCE

Design of a new sewer cleansing machine and installation of a mobile waste water treatment plant.


Clipper oil

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2000 | Location : SPAIN

Construction of an active barrier with Drain Panel® gates at a site contaminated with hydrocarbons and derived products.


Passive confinement of a former industrial waste disposal site

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2006 | Location : FRANCE

Total confinement of a former agrochemical site in Beaucaire.


Boulogne-Billancourt - Rehabilitation of the Trapèze East ground

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2007-2008 | Location : FRANCE

Cleaning up works on a part of a former automotive factory


Spolana - chemical waste disposal wall

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 1996 | Location : CZECH REPUBLIC

Ecosol containment wall and dynamic compaction.


Voyage au coeur de l'ingénierie de pointe

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