Ground freezing works on the principle of freezing the water in the soil pores, thus rendering the soil impermeable and of greater strength.

The soil is frozen by the transfer of frigories from a low-temperature fluid to the ground through a probe. When in contact with the probe, the water freezes and forms a sheaf of frozen soil around the probe. The sheaf gradually expands and can be used to build strong, impermeable walls.


Tihange Nuclear Power Station

Work : TUNNELS | Year : 1988 1989 | Location : BELGIUM

Installing four water inlet and outlet ducts under a nuclear plant cooling canal.


Lyons Northern Ring Road (BPNL)

Work : ROAD STRUCTURES,TUNNELS | Year : 1999 | Location : FRANCE

Full ground freezing in order to build interpipe 1725 S.


Lille metro - Leulier and JP Sartre branches

Work : METROS,RAILWAY WORKS,SHAFTS | Year : 1996 | Location : FRANCE

Ground freezing with liquid nitrogen for construction of two emergency access shafts.


Voyage au coeur de l'ingénierie de pointe

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