Groundwater and impermeabilty

Groundwater is one of the most complex issues to be resolved in geotechnics. During the start phase of a project, the proper techniques have to be chosen for building any cut-off walls that might be required, pumping (wells, filter points, etc.) and monitoring (piezometers) resources.

Soil can be impermeabilized using several techniques:

- injected slabs or walls,
- positive cut-off walls constructed by replacing excavated soil: sheet piling, diaphragm or pre-cast walls, thick cut-off walls (slurry wall, plastic concrete wall), contiguous piles, soil-mixing walls ,etc.



Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2002 | Location : BELGIUM

Treatment of groundwater, polluted by chlorinated solvents, by permeable reactive barrier utilising the Keops Process.


Thann Ochsenfeld

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : | Location : FRANCE

Protection of hydraulic resources in the plain of Alsace by confinment of an industrial spoil heap.


Lège Cap-Ferret

Work : ENVIRONNEMENT | Year : 2006 | Location : FRANCE

Partial containment of the Lège Cap-Ferret engineered landfill centre by a concrete soil barrier built using the Trenchmix® process.


Port of Ngqura - Phases 1 and 2

Work : MARITIME WORK | Year : 2008-2009 | Location : SOUTH AFRICA

Slurry and plastic concrete cut-off curtains used to enable a quay wall to be constructed.


Lens Canal Embankments

Work : MARITIME WORK | Year : 2007 | Location : FRANCE

Vibwall (thin slurry wall) cut-off to reinforce the Lens Canal Embankments.


Tihange Nuclear Power Station

Work : TUNNELS | Year : 1988 1989 | Location : BELGIUM

Installing four water inlet and outlet ducts under a nuclear plant cooling canal.


Clipper oil

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2000 | Location : SPAIN

Construction of an active barrier with Drain Panel® gates at a site contaminated with hydrocarbons and derived products.


Passive confinement of a former industrial waste disposal site

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2006 | Location : FRANCE

Total confinement of a former agrochemical site in Beaucaire.


Port 2000 quayside 1 to 4

Work : MARITIME WORK | Year : 2001-2005 | Location : FRANCE

Realisation of the first 4 quayside berths for Port 2000 operation (1,602m of length)


Spolana - chemical waste disposal wall

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 1996 | Location : CZECH REPUBLIC

Ecosol containment wall and dynamic compaction.


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