Maritime works

Port 2000. Le Havre. France

Port 2000. Le Havre. France

Whether constructed on dry land or by offshore methods, port works, marine and river projects require specific techniques and expertise, which are offered by Soletanche Bachy and its experienced marine works subsidiary Balineau.

We construct quay walls, dry docks, landing stages, dolphins, sewers, ground water lowering for major excavations below the water table, installation of gabions, and

underwater operations.
The introduction of the cast-in-place diaphragm wall in the 1960s radically altered the method of building harbour works. Other construction techniques employed include piling (from pontoons or embankments), permanent prestressed anchors and fill consolidation (dynamic compaction, vibroflotation, drains), all techniques in the Soletanche Bachy standard range of skills acquired over several decades of involvement in large international projects.

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