Protection of the environment

Soletanche Bachy, and its subsidiary Solenvironment, provide solutions for pollution issues, involving, for example: inertisation of waste, rehabilitation and treatment of polluted sites, cleaning of discharge to required environmental control levels, construction of waste storage facilities, protection of groundwater.

Developing individual solutions for such sites requires that regulations, physical and chemical conditions, and the hydraulic and geotechnical characteristics of each site are taken into account.

Other Group companies provide support, on a project by project basis, in constructing, for example, cut off walls for containment of polluted water or reactive barriers.

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Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2002 | Location : BELGIUM

Treatment of groundwater, polluted by chlorinated solvents, by permeable reactive barrier utilising the Keops Process.


Thann Ochsenfeld

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : | Location : FRANCE

Protection of hydraulic resources in the plain of Alsace by confinment of an industrial spoil heap.


Lège Cap-Ferret

Work : ENVIRONNEMENT | Year : 2006 | Location : FRANCE

Partial containment of the Lège Cap-Ferret engineered landfill centre by a concrete soil barrier built using the Trenchmix® process.


Cleansing of the SAR upstream outfall

Work : ENVIRONMENT,SEWERAGE | Year : 2008 | Location : FRANCE

Design of a new sewer cleansing machine and installation of a mobile waste water treatment plant.


Clipper oil

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2000 | Location : SPAIN

Construction of an active barrier with Drain Panel® gates at a site contaminated with hydrocarbons and derived products.


Passive confinement of a former industrial waste disposal site

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2006 | Location : FRANCE

Total confinement of a former agrochemical site in Beaucaire.


Boulogne-Billancourt - Rehabilitation of the Trapèze East ground

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 2007-2008 | Location : FRANCE

Cleaning up works on a part of a former automotive factory


Spolana - chemical waste disposal wall

Work : ENVIRONMENT | Year : 1996 | Location : CZECH REPUBLIC

Ecosol containment wall and dynamic compaction.


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