Carrousel shaft. Socatop. Versailles

Carrousel shaft. Socatop. Versailles

Circular shafts excavated inside a pre-formed cylindrical diaphragm wall only began to develop in a major way when modern plant became capable of digging almost perfectly vertical walls such that the cylinder can be considered self-stable without having to be tied back with ground anchors, or strengthened with struts or reinforced concrete rings.

Circular diaphragm walls have many uses (TBM starting shafts, access and ventilation shafts, underground car parks, shafts for industrial plant, bridge pier foundations, etc.).


Lille metro - Leulier and JP Sartre branches

Work : METROS,RAILWAY WORKS,SHAFTS | Year : 1996 | Location : FRANCE

Ground freezing with liquid nitrogen for construction of two emergency access shafts.


Zeebrugge gaz terminal

Work : SHAFTS | Year : 2005 | Location : BELGIUM

Construction of a circular shaft to take a gas reservoir.


Toulouse metro, B Line, Contract No 3

Work : METROS,RAILWAY WORKS,SHAFTS,TUNNELS | Year : 2001 - 2005 | Location : FRANCE

Construction of 1.1 km of tunnel, an underground station and 2 shafts.


A86 - Carrousel shaft

Work : ROAD STRUCTURES,SHAFTS | Year : 2005-2006 | Location : FRANCE

Circular diaphragm wall for a deep shaft.


Lille metro, Line 2, section F

Work : METROS,RAILWAY WORKS,SHAFTS,TUNNELS | Year : 1993 - 1996 | Location : FRANCE

Construction* of 2 150 linear metres of a 6.80 m dia. tunnel and three underground stations.


Bangkok metro - Blue Line

Work : METROS,RAILWAY WORKS,SHAFTS | Year : 1997 - 2000 | Location : THAILAND

Construction of nine stations and associated works for Bangkok's first underground railway line.


Voyage au coeur de l'ingénierie de pointe

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