Soil mixing

Soil mixing uses a wide range of techniques to inject binder agents to mix with the soil and form columns, for example, to reinforce the ground for subsequent construction. The type and amount of binder will determine the hydraulic and mechanic characteristics of the soil.

Soil mixing generally comprises three stages: premixing of the soil, injection of the binding agent and incorporation of the soil/binder mix. The technique produces no, or very little, spoil.

The structures produced by soil mixing can be columns, or also panels or continuous structures, such as trenches.
The technique works best with all types of loose soil, which is free of coarse elements.

Fields of application:

Improvement of compressible soils
Construction of cut-off walls
Construction of temporary ground support
Slope stabilization

Download the Geomix and Trench Mix Brochures

GEOMIX VA.pdf Trench Mix VA.pdf


Lège Cap-Ferret

Work : ENVIRONNEMENT | Year : 2006 | Location : FRANCE

Partial containment of the Lège Cap-Ferret engineered landfill centre by a concrete soil barrier built using the Trenchmix® process.


Axe Littoral - Geomix retaining wall

Work : ROAD STRUCTURES | Year : 2009 | Location : FRANCE

Construction of a Geomix retaining wall to allow the deviation of a sewer.


Storage platform - Montereau

Work : PLATFORMS | Year : 2007 | Location : FRANCE

Trenchmix used as ground treatment in preparation for the construction of a storage platform.


Voyage au coeur de l'ingénierie de pointe

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